Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Hello World!

Since my other blog, BoredAdmin hit a monumental (sarcasm) 500 page-views today, it seems like a good time to start a second one!

Over there, I try not to talk about myself. This place will be different. Like a diary, but with less whining and pining. (But if Pinning is your thing, I've got that going on over here.)

I hope to be entertaining, and maybe funny or insightful. But I expect to be me. And I expect to have even less monumental numbers than I do at BoredAdmin. I also expect to be bad about updating regularly, especially at first. I apologize in advance for that now and I will try not to do so again.

So thank you for reading. Don't hesitate to give me feedback. Here goes!


My background image is from and is used under creative commons license.

The bird image in my title piece is from and is in the public domain.

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