Tuesday, December 11, 2012


Last week, I had a birthday! The celebrating started a little early when we visited my family for Thanksgiving.  My Grandparents gave me delicious home-made cake and some nice gloves, and my parents gave me Downton Abbey Cookbooks!

Image Source: Amazon (1st book, 2nd book)

Closer to my birthday, I got the usual things: lovely cards, well-wishes on Facebook, etc.

Lovely Cards

My housemate Kate got me the TARDIS cookie jar I've been wanting forever. She and housemate Kira made cookies to go inside too. It lights up and makes noises when you close the lid. I smile compulsively every time I hear that "whoosh, whoosh"! (For the uninitiated, this is from the Dr. Who TV show. And by "uninitiated", I mean "not nerdy".)

Ooooo Eeeeee Oooooooo!

On the big day itself, I was home sick. No fun. But housemate Beth came to the rescue with cheesecake! Thank goodness it wasn't a stomach bug! (Yes, there are three housemates. I promise, no more.) 

Ambrosia from the gods

At the end of the day, it was time for my husband's big reveal. He's been nervously referencing his gift choice for weeks now. I was more intrigued than concerned by his worrying I might not like it. Still, when I opened the wrapping and saw this, I was at a loss for words:

Yes. Bidet. Here's the whole package unwrapped:

It attaches to the back of the toilet bowl between the seat and seat cover. 

What do you say to that? I mean really? Yes, I've been curious about them for a while. I read a great defense of the bidet this year on curbly. But for my birthday!? 

After the surprise wore off, I laughed for a long while. I am so glad to have such a quirky husband! How else would he be able to put up with all the wonky things I do? The best part by far is the operation instructions:

We have yet to install my birthday gift. Maybe I'll let you know how that goes. But one thing is for sure; these instructions are getting framed.

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