Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Kira's Art Show

I would like to introduce you to my housemate Kira! I have lived with Kira for a year and a half now, and I've learned that she likes indie music, cute dinosaurs, and quiet time at home. She devours fiction books and gluten-free baked goods with equal enthusiasm. She is ridiculously skilled at braiding her super long hair, and is learning to play the glockenspiel. But I think the first thing most people remember about Kira is her art. She majored in art at college. She carries her sketchbook with her everywhere. And this month, she put up a public art show!

I got to help hang her pieces. Here she is making sure everything is just right. They had a really neat mounting system; a metal runner stretched across the wall and wires were hanging from it. Each wire had an adjustable hook attached, so we could easily change the height and spacing of every frame.

The ‘gallery’ is also a hair salon. Tula Organic Salon & Spa is a new business in the Squirrel Hill neighborhood of Pittsburgh. Every month they feature a different local artist on their walls.

(Fun fact: Tula means “balance” in Sanskrit.)

A week ago, she held an art show opening party. Here’s Kira in her cute new "I'm the artist" outfit:

(The dress is from ModCloth. And you can’t see it here, but her earrings totally match her tights!)

My husband and I bused straight from work to the event. We arrived a bit after it started and the place was packed!

Everyone had a great time talking and checking out Kira’s work.

And what was I doing this whole time? Why, taking pictures of course! Here’s a self-portrait of me being overwhelmed by all the happy people:

I suppose you would like to see the art itself. Here you go:

The middle frame in the top picture got a lot of attention. Kira is considering making prints of it since the original has already been sold. The right one is the background for her business cards. She works mostly in colored pencil, but has started adding water-color paint sometimes too. Her pictures are often semi-autobiographical, and tend to have a flowing feeling of movement to them.

You can check out more of Kira’s art on her portfolio page. And if you’re in Pittsburgh, you can stop by Tula to see them in person! The salon welcomes visitors. Kira’s work will be on display until February 28th!

UPDATE: Kira has an album up now of all her pieces from this show. They look much better than my hastily color-adjusted snapshots. Check them out HERE.


  1. I was sad not to be able to be there for this...thanks Meghan for making me feel like I was!

  2. Kira is wonderful. I love her outfit! I am not sure if I can get to Pittsburgh before the 28th, but it would be so fun to see her artwork on display!


  3. Neat blog you have here. The art show looked pretty warm. Are there many art shows like this in Pittsburgh? (just curious in the US market - from Canada) I'm thinking about taking my Battle of the Brush art competitions south of the border. (ie. "electro magnetic" show from a couple week's ago http://su.pr/2ioQwh)

    1. Capulet Art: (sorry it took me a while to respond) Yes, I think we have a super vibrant art scene here in Pittsburgh. Your Battle of the Brush video looks amazing! I would love to go to something like that, and I think lots of the locals I know would agree. Events in Pittsburgh which immediately jumped to the front of my brain are the regular Gallery Crawls downtown, and Art All Night. If you'd like to start networking, you might want to get in touch with my friend (and neighbor) Dylan Rooke.

      Gallery Crawl:

      Art All Night:

      Dylan Rooke: